The National Times is a news digital platform providing the latest trusted worldwide news, features, articles, reports, and interviews in addition to our advertising, marketing, and publishing agency.




The National Times’s mission is to bring worldwide latest trusted news. Help other businesses, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, families, and individuals as a whole to succeed and improve their lives or businesses. We are committed to the best interest of the organization stakeholders. Build the best quality products and services, best customer service, best workplace, best inspirational motivation to other businesses and individuals, and collaborate with the solution to the environmental and human crisis.


Core Values:


  • Commitment: Committing to provide great product, service, transparency, unbiased information, and other initiatives that impact lives and businesses within and outside the company.
  • Community: Contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.
  • Professionalism: At all times we act with integrity, respect, and honesty. Provide quality service, reliable, and responsible.
  • Empowerment: Encouraging staff to take initiative and make decisions to give their best.
  • Recognition: Recognizing and rewarding each other contributions and efforts.





Short Term: (first & two stages)

  • Digital: Establish Online and App platform.
  • Services: News & Information Reports. Advertising, Marketing, and Publishing Agency.
  • Print: Bilingual Local and Regional newspaper circulation.
  • Other: Call Center and Departmental Staff. Social and Environment Collaborations. B2B and B2C.


Long Term: (third & four stages)

  • Digital: Develop and growth all platform. Implement future innovations.
  • Services: Bilingual Podcast, Radio, TV Programs.
  • Print: Bilingual National and International newspaper circulation.
  • Other: Own Equipment, Manufactory, and Building. Growth in all areas.



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